Early Birthday Treat

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we went to manila for an important matter,.
i had to accompany my mother in law to process some papers to camp crame (pnp) 
i had to go with her because when she goes back to abroad, i would be the one who will process everything what ever comes next because she's leaving this week... we just had to finish it
last Thursday our first day to crame was disappointing, current was totally blacked out and we had to wait until 5:00 pm. and we were there 10 am. i cant believe the huge Philippine National Police do not have a generator that can run a computer. we wasted too much gas already. going back and forth, from mega mall to crame. we had to talk to some police man to process it faster. and yes we paid him big time. police nga naman. im so stressed the papers weren't done that day, we have to go back Friday to pick it up. 

luckily my mom was in manila too, we just have to meet up!
she knows what my stress reliever is.

i don't wanna shop without my mom.. :)

she bought me these stuff for my birthday yay!!!!

from forever 21 & Marks&Spencer

thanks mom!!!!

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