she got that whole place glowin'.. you're looking at an ANGEL

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a night to remember. :)
rooftop, allen's crib.
the place was so romantic.. with all the Christmas lights and everything
star gazing, carpet, beers
friends under the stars.
i was supposed to bring mini candles. but because im too excited to see my office mates, i forgot.
the popcorn i brought along was not even popped. boooo me.
the night was full of stories
hot seat: krissel 
so many issues to believe. yahhh.
we even talked about super natural experiences. spooky, lucky me, my third eye isn't open
some of us had to leave early because of their boyfie (lanie)
annnnd ate riza who has a party to attend to.
surprise late comer, i wont tell you who she is because its a secret haha!

yes! we're vain

i really need to get my hair done. 
angels. hahahahahaha (tin, moi,riza,lanie)

si ate riza talaga pang mowwwwdel!

allen the photographer.

you look like sex sex sex sex !

see the popcorn?

i hope this wont be the last..
many beers & nights to come guys.
i didn't imagined these girls are so much fun to be with.

i really enjoyed the night. 
til next time girls!!

how was your night with your girlfriends.?
i hope you guys had a blast like i did.

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