Let me give your heart a break

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Yay for Avengers. !

my dad gave us money for movie passes!
i haven't received my paycheck.. boooo me. i was expecting it yesterday..
so sad.

but i get to see avengers so so so.. yay for me & markee!

such an awesome movie.. too bad my love can't make it again
because he has to catch some zzzzzzzzzz's. this graveyard shift is so harsh.
this moving on thing is making it hard.
trying to get used to it though.!
its for the future.

forgive the bottle, that was my sister's

here's a picture of little boy being such a naughty boy again.

fave shade of nail polish. :P

tats the soonest! as soon as i convince my love to allow me.

markee's photogs'
maybe my son will be a photographer someday, look how great his shots are
you'll never imagine it was taken by a two year old little boy.
he keeps on yelling "mama! picture!" while we we're walking.

shot #1

shot #2

shot #3

how did you spend your labor day?
mine was so great!



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