we met spider woman last night!


Hi there!!  sorry if i haven't blogged anything lately 
i've been busy with work. 
i had a little issue at my office. 
thank god for this friday night 
me & the lovely ladies of our office went out 
for a little drink. 
we started early.... 
we went to kalye lagasca first.. had a couple of rounds. 

here are some pictures when we were in kalye lagasca.. super complete. 

guess who's beer this is?
san mig ice, i think almost half of the beer is ice. 
what do think?
may lasa pa kaya?

 one of my pretty picture, pa demure daw.! well, i don't know how to pose sexy, so let's go with this. 
too girly ang peg!

maybe you're wondering why the title of my post is "we met spiderwoman last night" 
allen had to come up with a little something 
he took photos of us one by one with his PAJERO!
One of my friend, accidentally posed so weird, i didnt even noticed that's its funny until we all looked at the photos from the cam after. 
soooo. she looked like spiderman. haha.
so there you have it, that's the reason why that's the title.
i want to post the picture. 
but hey! 
im a good friend you know!!

 going up stairs. 

second stop was Palacio De Laoag
@Sultan Music Bar.

san mig ang peg namin.

non ending "Why..." -By Avril
 Ever since High School, this is one of the songs on my playlist!

captured by my ate ethel
 see.... dont need make up, to cover up! :)

who's tipsy? well... not me!!

wacky ?

candidates for my Ms. INWD.

Jump Shots.! hahaha.

this what i wore during the girls night out with the lovely YOUNG ladies of INWD.

Dress&Vest: Rob || Bag: BetseyVille By: Betsey Johnsons || shoes: Forever21
Watch: KennethCole || Necklace: Gift from ze grangran.

Last stop was the popular tapsilogan at B1.
didnt took photos, because the place was really inappropriate.
but they have best selling tapsiplog here in Laoag!

hope you had a great friday like mine.
how was your friday night??


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