there's no stopping you & me. i'll be loving you long time..

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Uh oh!

Last Day at Pagudpud, That one night was so bitin, we should’ve went night swimming & gone Karaoke-ing.

photos of us.
the longest bridge of the north.
this picture should have been better, if these boys weren't there. haha. but still cute! 

Still the sun is up, we went to Paraiso Ni Anton, The water was so cold, even if I’m far from the little falls, I can still feel the cold breeze. im expecting more water in the waterfalls, like the ones i saw when i was in high school.

Next stop, Wind Mill, Wind mill is one of the tourist spots here in ilocos, but I didn’t get the chance to take photos, because I can’t stand the hot sand between my toes, plus my baby is sleeping in the car. J So I decided to stay in the car instead. The sun is not cooperating with me. He’s too hot! Hahaha

ze relatives

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