yellow diamonds in the light..

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happy fiesta laoag & happy foundation day INWD!
we were suppose to watch the float parade but in our shock we cant see anything from where we were and we're in the highest part of the office. luckily, i had my camera with me."yay blogpost for me in the moring" hahaha. made my ojts' take pictures of me. i remember when i was still studying in college i was chosen to be the representative of school of information technology for Divine Word College of Laoag's Float.


during my college days.
being the representative of school of information technology


this is what i wore during our foundation day.
nothing special, we just had mass then breakfast at the office after.
INWD foundation day always reminds me of my late grandfather who is the former general manager and one of former board of directors of INWD. 

all employees always say he is strict but soooo matulungin

went to mcdonalds to fetch my unico hijo.
i ended up eating there while waiting for them to finish having dinner.

my litol big spender . bought him a balloon and a toy
look how happy he is with his light-thingy

during yosi break. haha.

these pictures are markee's shot. galing noh?

 my baby brotha and shey



okay that's it.
i didn;t saw the parade at all.. 
ended up taking pictures with my ojts'
that's all for today.

toodles !

love, krisnastassia

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