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Laguna was a blast! We had so much fun with the palomares-warde family. I’m missing laguna already. i can still imagine myself being in sta. Elena parin. I’m sorry if I made my previous entry into a photo album haha.. I just want you all to see the pictures, since I don’t upload too much pictures on my facebook. Btw, all the photos from my prior blogs are ©hardy’s photographs  (bro-in-law)

Here’s a little something.


effortless again.
((top:forever 21 shorts:thrift bangle:gift from grandma watch:DKNY sandal: figliarina))

i cant believe this 1998 Hi-lander can make it all the way to LAGUNA. knowing that some parts of it is busted. but i think its fixed now. THE OLD JAGUAR STILL HAS IT!!

the house - warde residence

My last shot at sta. Elena village. 
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