hit the lights.

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this my friend jean rose. :) the best buddy in college. 

still wondering where i got my nickname krisna? well obviously, my name is kristianne nastassia... my close friend jean from college gave me that nick name... :) well i've known a lot of krisna.. but seriously,  they are not the only krisna in the world. :) there's one here who's rockin' yeah know!!

this is me on a sunday afternoon. 

nonetheless i've been a home buddy this weekend. very early breakfast with my love 2 days in a row... haha. my baby is staying at my parent's house during weekends so i have the chance to go out at weekends but im too lazy to go out... let's just goof around at the house nalng... 

((watch: GUESS   Bracelet: MyUltimateFave atm, SM Accesories))
((Top: Robinson's Department Store. BandgeSkirt: Coachella <3))

 ((shoes: Celine))

((Ring:Gift from the states. then Our Promise Ring..)) 

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