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I live in the one of the hottest province in the Philippines, Ilocos Norte.  And I am located at Laoag City, which is the capital of the Ilocos Norte.
Everyone calls me TYNEE but now that I’m not getting any younger I prefer you call me “KRISNA”.  I am easily inspired once i see something that catches my eye.  When it comes to fashion, I rarely buy expensive stuff. If I can make one, why should i buy those expensive stuff, hahaha. I hardly ever wear fashionable clothes. Well living in the laoag, it’s hard to dress up too much, para ka lang tanga sa kanila… whatevz someone even called me a muslim and dancer when I wore a maxi dress at the office. Bummer… I don’t know why they think that way… maybe because I’m the youngest office girl in the company. And they are too old for what’s new. I am not saying that they are outdated but have they ever heard of a maxi dress? Come on now people.

I shop at department stores and online shops. Depends On where I am at. My fave brands are Juicy Couture & BetseyVille by Betsey Johnson! Every branded things I own were bought by my mom & grandma.. Always signed, sealed, and delivered with love.  Clothes are mostly from department stores! I’d rather buy cheap ones than wear anything fake! I am not a shoe fan, but I own lots of shoes. Most the shoes I own are flats because it’s so comfy. I seldom wear heels; I only wear heels when it’s needed or when it matches my outfit, well it really depends on where I am going. I’m beginning to be a buff for accessories. Yay for me. Starting to grow as a fashion junkie. Puleaase… let’s go with that!! Pagbigyan.!!

I started blogging back in 2006.! – deactivated / active/ – not active.  I usually blog about what’s happening every day, my blog is my online journal. But ever since I got preggers, I stopped, instead, I was writing through a notebook, but here I am again with a 2 year old little boy, blogging on the other hand.  I promise this will be my last blog. J♥☼ I am not a good writer but I believe everyone can write about anything under the sun. I was influenced by the blogs I read. Most of the blogs I read is about fashion and foodie. hahaha. I blog about everything. Whatever comes up to my mind, always got my iphone/little notebook with me, I can always draft a little something… then finish it when I get home.

Optional: moods can swing you know. I can always stay if I want to.
 I hope I can find a new job this year… L I think I am so used to this engineering secretary thing too much. I want to explore more… my job is starting to be a suck fest. I want a job that involves more writing, less arguing, more computer generated stuff… I’m sick and tired of being lowest of the low. I want to get paid with the profession I have.

Not all probinsyana are outdated.

what i did today:

  1. office work done before 4:30
  2. changed my blog name to krisnaProbinsyana., because i'm a probinsyana! hehe 
  3. cooked spaghetti for dinner, helped my hubby to cook but i did all the cooking. :) kudos for me.. who told you i cant cook. bitch!

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