cheers to twenty twelve.

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Cheers to 2012

We started the 2012 with a blast. Everything was falling to its place even if we only had few foods for the evening. And it’s not even planned. Because we were suppose to spend New Year’s Eve at my parent’s house but my hubby changed his mind. I went grocery shopping on the last minute… So much for rush. J But it’s all worth it.

It’s the only three of us on that evening plus close friends and neighbors. i hope this good vibes will spread throughout the year! J Happy New Year!!

I am blessed for having a family like mine. We argue, but we always find a way how fix things up. Especially him… he always makes an effort. J hahaha just kidding. But he usually does … but not all the time… There are times lang. even if we live in a little house with a little space we make sure we are blissful in all situations.

what i wore that night. effortless.. hahaha
welcome to our little house!

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