windy weather we're having.

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. Went to the big boss' farm. It was a general assembly for the entire employees of inwd. A meeting to be exact plus team building daw! It was a little bit too far, but i had a blast. Food was great, expecting a lechon but all they have is pure pork dishes. And! Veggies. Ay and also kaldereta pala. I have to eat a lot. Will be on a diet next year lulubusin ko na to! Please pleas help me god!

There's a video oke in every hut! Just when they started to serve red wine. I just have to sing! Haha todo! Liked every single song i sang. I was expecting for beers but no beers. They only had empelight, fundador, and redwine. Well, all's well ends well! Haha.

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