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bag of the month! :)

I’m planning to be active on blogging again. Ever since I gave birth with my son, seems like I lost the touch of writing. I’ve been busy with my family, had bullshit arguments but handled it very well! I’m tired of all the dramas and confessions. Blah blah and bllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
I’m back!

I’ve been planning to make a new blog, so here it is.
I think I have 4 blogs already but I promise I will stick with blogger from now on. -- *sigh*
 I got bored with, too much reblogging at tumblr. Multiply outshined.

So I asked my sister-in-law to buy me a jelly case rabito for my bb hope she’ll find one in red.  ive been eyeing for that hello kitty case, the one that has two ears popping out. but its beyond my price expectation.

Hmmm. Been wondering what to give macky on xmas.  I already bought markee loads of toys already and I can’t wait for him to unwrap all the gifts we bought him. 

last week was a blast!
i've been having fun with my ojts' ginky pearl aguilar and jirah jamaica lacar. (talagang mention)
laugh all day .. stories to the max.

mom and i went to a new boutique here in ilocos, its called "la tabacalera".

went to royalty heels. also went to a shoe shop that i cant even remember the name. then robinsons, gift shopping it is.! since we haven't had kriskringle yet in the office and i know i have no time to buy a gift when monday comes. i bought a jag for gift! and its perfect.

and monday came..
guess what! im manong lemuel 'secret santa! perfect for his daily work :)

i wonder who's my secret santa.

haha.. watever.
me. blogging at weeerk. ;)

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